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N. Becerra, APC

10531 4S Commons Dr.

Suite 166-529

San Diego, CA 92127


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There are two things entrepreneurs don't like; unknowns and lawyers' fees. We want to help you feel better about both.

N. Becerra, APC is a law firm unlike any other. Ever since we opened our doors in 2015, our firm has practiced what we preach. With a culture of entrepreneurship and a commitment to supporting small business owners, the N. Becerra Team is focused on providing solutions for our clients, NOT focusing on the amount of hours we can bill. We know that a task as simple as naming your business can be a two week process you find yourself losing sleep over, we don't want you losing sleep over working with your lawyer to help you and the business grow.

We stress the importance of meeting with an attorney before you begin your adventure in business, not because we want to bill you, but because all business owners need to commit to an effective legal strategy. We love business, but we also love the law, we want to help you answer some of the unknowns, and we want to do it in a way that won't break the bank or delay your plans.

With a focus on small business law, employment law and start-ups, as well as working in real estate, compensation, retirement, entertainment and personal injury, our goal as your firm is to help you maximize your potential by protecting your interests and helping you set up a legal strategy that minimizes your liability MAXIMIZING your productivity. The best business strategies start with a well executed plan, and we want to help.

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Connect With Us!

Founder's Vision: The New Age Lawyer

Who I am:

My name is Nico Becerra, I’m a San Diego native and BIG supporter of local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My background:

My education and experience are in operations management and organizational culture, and my legal focus is in preventative law for small business. I have over 10 years of experience in operations management leading teams of 100+ employees and overseeing more than seven various departments at any given time. I have started various companies myself and worked as a management consultant assisting business owners in identifying areas of opportunity within their businesses, I utilize my business background to develop complete and compatible legal strategies for any type of small businesses and startup.


What “the new age lawyer” is:

The new age lawyer is not your typical attorney. Forget about the downtown office with the large conference room and library full of legal books, the new age lawyer is the attorney who jumps in the shoes of their business clients. If you own a yoga studio, the new age lawyer wants to understand your practice and your vision. If you own a bakery, the new age lawyer wants to see you in action and understand your brand. No more thirty minute consults that result in a stack of papers and an expensive legal bill. The new age lawyer understands what it takes to own and operate a small business and knows that every business and every owner is unique, and builds a legal strategy tailor made to meet their specific needs.


Why it matters:

After various encounters of my own with attorneys I hired to assist me in starting my businesses, I realized that although I was getting legal work done, I never felt that I was getting a lawyer in my corner. I have paid thousands of dollars for formation documents and advice on how to take the next step for my businesses, but I never felt that my attorney really knew what my business or my vision was. Our approach to small business and startup law is to develop relationships, educate our clients, and assist them in making sure that their legal strategy will meet the needs of their business today, and in the future. We also offer our clients reasonable prices, so that they can protect themselves, without having to make large sacrifices. The ultimate goal is to build a relationship with you as you build your business.


How we can help small businesses:

Business and employment law can be very complex. With the experience of our staff owning and operating businesses of various sizes, we work to develop sound legal strategies for small business owners. We also help existing business owners deal with new laws, and update their policies so that they can remain compliant with new employment practices. All done for reasonable prices.

How our services work:

Although we offer legal services at hourly rates we also have developed packages that meet various business needs at flat fee prices. You can read all about them here (CLICK HERE). These packages were developed so that you can update a portion of your business to meet certain compliance requirements, but you also get a series of policies and training materials so that you know exactly how to use them. Whether you’re looking for advice on a new business idea, looking to form a new business entity, or you need to update your human resources policies, we want to help.

I look forward to learning about your business and finding ways four our dedicated team to help you implement sound legal strategies that are tailor made to meet YOUR business needs! Don't settle for a big firm, get The New Age Lawyer in your corner!

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