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Employment Law Packages

These packages include more than just a packet of legal documents, they include a personalized review and approach to your business strategy. Utilizing the "franchise prototype", we help create a guide for every small business' human resources needs. Whether it's your first time bringing on an employee, or you're just looking to finally implement that Human Resources strategy you've been thinking about for some time; we want to help you put all the appropriate measures in place, and give you deliverables that you can train your managers and your employees with. We will help construct the foundation of your human resources department so you can build a team that will help you grow your business. These packets benefit all ranges of small businesses, from 2 - 100 people, all compliant with California and Federal laws and regulations.


If you're interested in the packages and would like to see samples of what your final product will look like, give us a call for a free consult and we can discuss the package that works best for your business. 

*Flat Fee Pricing Does Not Include Filing Costs

Policies and Procedures  $1,500/ea.

Just looking to update a policy or implement a new procedure in your business? We can help you develop custom policies that are legally compliant and meet your business needs.

  • Paid Leave Policy and Procedures

  • Employee Communication/Counseling Policies and Procedures

  • Payroll Processing Policies and Procedures

  • Harassment Complaints Policies and Procedures

  • Benefits Plan Policies and Procedures

Employment Agreement (At-Will/Term) $1,500

Do you have an employment agreement? Maybe you have confidential information? It may help to have a formal agreement for your employees to help clear up any unknowns, call us to learn more about how an employment agreement can help your business.

  • Initial Consult

  • Custom Written Agreement to Meet Employer’s Needs

Executive Employment Agreement $2,500

Looking to bring on an executive or high level employee? We can help you negotiate and prepare an employment agreement that will put you in the best position to acquire that special talent your business needs!

  • Initial Consult

  • Negotiation Representation

  • Custom Written Agreement to Meet Employer’s Needs

Employee Orientation Package $2,999

Are your new hires getting all the information they need when they start at your company? Have you prepared yourself to meet all the CA State and Federal requirements? Don't take risks, we can help you develop a policy that will cover all your new hire needs!

  • Initial Consult and Review of Hiring Strategy

  • Revised and Compliant New Hire Orientation Policy with Training Materials

  • Policies and Procedures that meet State/Federal Regulations for Employee Intake

  • CA At-Will Employment Agreement (Non-Executive)

  • Copies of Required Disclosures and Agreements

  • Review of applicability of further screening measures to hiring process

New Hire Policy Package $4,999

Is your hiring process compliant? Are you covering all the bases? Are you keeping the appropriate records of your staff? We want to help you develop a program where you know you're covered. Interview smart, and protect your business from mistakes that can cost you.

  • Initial Consult

  • Everything included in the “Employee Orientation Package” ($1,999 Value)

  • Interviewing and Screening Policy and Procedures

  • Offer Letter/Benefits Letter

  • Job Description Development and Training

  • Employee Personnel File Development with Policy and Procedures

  • Employee Document Management Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policies Package $6,499

Are you compliant? Have all your policies been updated? Don't put yourself at risk and get updated versions of all the California State and Federal required policies.

  • Initial Consult and Review of Human Resource Materials
  • Revised and Compliant Human Resources Materials
    • Paid Leave Policy and Procedures
    • Employee Communication Policies and Procedures
    • Payroll Policies and Procedures
    • Harassment Policies and Procedures
    • Benefits Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure State/Federal compliance with internal processes and procedures
  • Employee Training on handling everyday situations
Employee Handbook Development Package $7,499

Is your team growing? Is it getting harder to keep track of everything? Employee handbooks are a great way to deliver consistent information across your company. Developing policies for your staff that range from dress codes to paid time off policies can remove some of the frustrations business owners feel when handling their team's needs. We will help you develop a customized employee handbook to assist you in managing your staff.

  • Initial Consult

  • Thorough Review of Business Culture

  • Extensive Planning to Make Compliant and Customized Company Policies

  • Review of all Existing Policies

  • Update Existing Policies Accordingly

  • Development of Employee Handbook

  • Train Management to Implement Handbook and Effective Policy Practice

Orientation and HR Policy Package $6,999 (Save $1,000)

Be more prepared for the daily challenges that employers face when hiring and training their staff. These policies will help you stay compliant and be on top of all your requirements as an employer.

  • Includes the "New Hire Policy Package"

  • Includes the "Human Resources Policy Package"

Human Resources Department Package $11,999 (Save $2,000)

Is your team growing? Want to tackle all the challenges of being an employer with a growing business? Take advantage of these savings and build the HR strategy your company deserves, and your team will appreciate!

  • Includes the "Human Resources Policies Package"

  • Includes the "Employee Handbook Development Package"

Complete Human Resources Package $16,499 (Save $6,999)

Take advantage of the great savings opportunity and buy all three packages at once! This will prepare you for all the exciting challenges you will face as a new employer, and will also help any current employer reinforce their HR Department.

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  • Includes the "New Hire Policy Package"

  • Includes the "Human Resources Policies Package"

  • Includes the "Employee Handbook Development Package"

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