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Why N. Becerra?

N. Becerra, APC

10531 4S Commons Dr.

Suite 166-529

San Diego, CA 92127



Call/Text: 619-677-3373

Fax: 619-599-7767


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There is a plethora of attorneys that are available to you as a business owner, why would you go with N. Becerra for your legal needs? It's simple, N. Becerra isn't the law firm that will handle your legal formation, send you a pack of papers to sign, file it, and bill you. N. Becerra wants to understand you as a client, your products and your services, your vision as a business owner, and your path. It's my goal to build a relationship with business owners, not to just form a corporation and send you on your way.


I focus on buildling relationships, and on making sure that my clients' needs are met, and that any work I do for them will help them grow their business with sufficient knowledge and at a reasonable cost. I want to know my clients and their businesses, and I want to be someone they can rely on throughout their venture.

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Start Ups and Small Business

Starting a company and running a small business comes with many challenges, but building a well thought out and structured plan can help avoid and eliminate much of the waste that comes from early oversights. Your passion is your product and your brand, let N. Becerra review your strategy and help you prevent trouble and prepare for the future success of your business.

Entertainment, Real Estate and Contract Review

Whether you're a professional athlete, a model, a blogger with product endorsement deals or just someone with a passion who is looking to make extra money and need a lawyer to review a contract or deal, N. Becerra wants to help. As a former professional athlete myself, I know how important it is to maximize your potential, having an attorney assist in reviewing your deals can help you understand what you're agreeing to.

Practice Areas
  • Pre-Launch Strategic Planning

  • Business Plan Review & Drafting Assistance

  • Entity Formation (LLP, LLC, C-Corp, etc.)

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Employment Law

  • Employer Defense

  • ​Investor Relations

  • Commercial Lease Review

  • Business Contracts

  • Contract Dispute

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Business Planning

  • General Business Law

  • Internal Business Policy Reviews

  • Endorsement Agreements

  • Professional Athletes

  • Agency Agreements

  • Marketing Agreements

  • Employment Agreements

  • Bloggers

  • Actors

  • Professional Models

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