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Commercial Collections - Contract Enforcement

Unfortunately all businesses eventually encounter a client who can't pay. The best way to deal with this situation is amicably working out a plan with your client to get the past due invoices paid. Sometimes that doesn't work, and when it doesn't, we have a solution for you. Hiring a lawyer to collect your aged accounts receivables can seem like a daunting and expensive task. Who likes throwing good money at bad? Well, maybe you don't have to. Enforcing your contracts starts with a good contract, but that won't ensure 100% collections on your past due amounts. We can help you enforce those contracts with minimal out of pocket costs, flat fees, and reduced contingency fees to make it worth your while. Read below to learn how our commercial collections services work.

Do You Have To Sue?

No one likes to sue their clients, but if they won't pay, sometimes you have to. With many years of legal collections experience, N. Becerra, APC, can walk you through this process to enforce your agreements and leverage the efficacy of a legal collections strategy. Not all cases result in the filing of a lawsuit, but working with our firm gives you the confidence that we will assess the best strategy to recover the amounts past due.

All accounts assigned to our office are reviewed for collectability and suit worthiness. We want to make sure you have the rights to collect, and that the investment is worth it for you. Our team will guide you through the collections process so you know how your account will be handled, how we will approach your clients, and how we can get you paid. Our goal is to ensure that we preserve your business integrity in our collections process on your behalf.​

The goal is not only to recover the amounts past due, we also hope to do it in a way that can allow you to retain a positive working relationship with your customers as you may want to continue working with them after resolving these issues.

How It Works
  • Contact us about your potential claim.

  • We Review Account with you and propose Collection Strategy

  • We Prepare Demand Letter With Repayment Terms

  • If Payment Cannot Be Arranged, Prepare and File Collections Lawsuit

  • Continue Collection Activity During Litigation

  • Pursue Case to Judgment if No Pre-Judgment Resolution Can Be Made

  • Continue Collection Activity Post Judgment

  • Leverage Post Judgment Enforcement via Various Remedies

Our Fees
  • Your Up Front Investment

    • $500 Cost Retainer For Lawsuit​ (Refundable If Unused)

    • $500 Flat Rate Collection Fee (Earned on Receipt for Acceptance of File)

      • Includes: Demand Letter, Lawsuit Preparation and Filing, Request for Default Judgment 

  • Tiered Contingency Fee Only Paid on Recovery

    • Front End (Pre-Lawsuit Filing): 12%​

    • Mid Stage (Post Suit Filing - Pre Judgment Entry): 15%

    • Post Judgment (After Judgment Entered): 18%

  • Reduced Hourly Rate on Litigation of Contested Collection Claim*

    • *Does not account for Defense Representation upon a counter/cross claim brought against you.​

Where We Offer These Services

We currently offer these services in California and Washington State. Contact us to review your case for free!

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